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Sandip University is one of the best private universities in Madhubani, Bihar. Set in a sprawling campus spanning across 125+ acres, Sandip University is an infrastructural marvel and a striking example of what a leading educational institution should consist of. With six schools dedicated to the study of cutting-edge programs, Sandip University is dedicated towards training generation after generation of young minds for the betterment of global society.

The faculty members of the University are highly skilled, qualified and hold ample work experience from top educational institutions across India. They train students to the best of their abilities, and transform students into employable and dynamic professionals. Sandip University is one of the fastest emerging universities in India, and is dedicated towards transforming the landscape of higher education in the nation.

Students who want to pursue a globally-recognised diploma or degree program in an advanced field can apply to Sandip University!

About Sandip University

Futuristic Curriculum

Choice-based credit system

Choice-Based Credit System

Outcome-based education

Access Through Student Centric Education


Introduction of Minor and Majors [for multiple exits]


Student-Centric and Employability-Centric Education


Vocation-Based Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education

Study Pioneering Programs


Engineering & Technology


Computer Sciences & Engineering


Commerce & Mannagement Studies



Agriculture Sciences

Agriculture Science

Library & Information Science

Library & Information Science

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