Vision & Mission, Sijoul Campus


  • Sandip University aims to reimagine the standards for higher education in India and around the world. We are devoted to creating a global hub of excellence in education. Our students will receive an incomparable educational experience to stimulate them at an intellectual, social and personal level.


We at Sandip University envisage the sustainable growth of stakeholders following the University Missions (UMs) as below:

  • Imparting a future-centric learning experience through technologically advanced means of engagement with society at large
  • Emerging as a world leader in cutting-edge education, research and development, entrepreneurship and overall global development
  • Focusing on sustainable development for a more responsible approach towards growth and advancements
  • Facilitating a dynamic shift from textbook-based education to lived and shared experience-based educational tactics
  • Building opportunities to empower students to realise their dreams by becoming creators instead of imitators
  • Creating a wholesome environment for our faculty and alumni to exchange ideas, thoughts, opportunities and belief systems with our students
  • Establishing centres of excellence for research and development in science and technology to drive socio-economic development
  • Committing to ethical standards and legal responsibilities to the community and to various professions
  • Collaborating with leading Indian and international educational institute to facilitate better research and training programs for students and faculty members
  • Implementing quality checks to ensure that the quality of education and training remains consistent with global standards

About Sijoul, Sandip University