Futuristic Facilities at Sijoul Campus, Sandip University

Futuristic Facilities at Sijoul Campus, Sandip University

At Sandip University we believe that students need a well-developed infrastructure to have a truly enhanced student experience. To this end, these facilities are available on-campus for our students’ optimal development:

Wi-Fi Enabled Campus

A fully Wi-Fi enabled campus for consistent connectivity


An expansive space with thousands of books and a dedicated audio-visual room

Seminar Hall

A spacious area with ultra-modern audio-visual systems


Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for pursue cutting-edge research


A lively space with audio-visual systems for enhanced training

Conference Room

A dedicated space to facilitate relevant conversations, discussions, and debates

Playgrounds and Gardens

Lush green gardens and playgrounds designed to help students unwind, rejuvenate, and engage in sports


A home away from home with comfortable beds, study tables, and wardrobes


A hygienic space where food made from in-house grown crops is served

Safety & Security

Dedicated 24x7 security through CCTV, trained security personnel, and a secure campus